went to see my mom today. i didn’t expect to see her in the way she was and not feel as emotional as I thought I would be. I’ve been so focused on me that I’ve closed my heart to the things that actually matter. 

she deserves a better daughter than what I’ve been lately.

a month and 4 days ago

I thought I discovered myself

but all I really did was scar myself.

10:26 am, 3.26.14


Jesus has relieved my heart of the earlier pain it was in. Even though I haven’t been paying attention to him and having a relationship with him, he’s still with me…in everything I do and everywhere I go.
Thank you Father, you are trully patient, faithful, and holy. There is no other. We’re all ignorant children who go by our feelings and naive minds.

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tears just slipped down my face while thinking about the situation I have started. I think the oxytocin may have creeped on me. Sex is nothing to play with.


Serena just told me to calm my emotions down “a wee bit”.

Thank you sister for understanding my feels.